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Gepostet by on Jan 28, 2016 in Politik | Keine Kommentare

A child in bad company – Sex Crime by Migrants in Germany

Sex Crime by MuslimsAfter the events in Cologne and in many other European Cities on New Years Eve I have started commenting in US and British Media.

I want that people outside of Germany get a direct view on things happening here. So now I think I have to start blogging in English…

In this article I am talking about a pretty unclear sex crime in my hometown in Berlin which happened a few days earlier and is now a political incident with the involvement of the Russian Minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lawrov.

A 13 year old girl was announced missing on 11th of January. The police searched for her and a Facebook campaign started with a foto and with her real name which got viral in a few hours. I will call her Lisa, which is her nickname. After 30 hours she came home. Lisa said 3 men with arab appearance raped her and this a fact according to her lawyer: Lisa had bruises all over her body. A child was away for 30 hours and had bruises on her body.

At this point the police from Berlin started something I simply call mobbing a child. The police said it was not rape and she got in with bad company. These were the exact words. Got in with bad company.

Because of the police statement German press said it was a fake, they implied the girl is a lyer and she had mutually agreed sex. They say this is russian (!) propaganda and was planned to bring up all Russians against the refugee policy of Merkel. Lisa is German but with a German-Russian background. Her parents came to Germany in the 90ies when German former chancellor Kohl initiated an immigration-campaign for all Russians with German roots. The mobbing against Lisa started in big newspapers from Berlin and then it got into the real big players including German official public television. Actually the very same media which covered the incidents from Cologne.

German law and sex crime

So as a lawyer I have to clearly state that in German law there is no mutually agreed sex with a 13 year old. In Koran this is OK and in most Muslim countries this is OK too, which makes me say that these people are perverse. In Germany it is not OK and it is not only not OK it is a very severe crime. It absolutely does not matter what the child says or wants, it is a crime. And there are a lot ot of people who say the right punishment for this crime is to cut off the very involved part of the delinquents body.

If Berlin prosecutors speaksman Martin Steltner really said that Lisa agreed in sexual intercourse with men then he is not only in the wrong job but a danger to the public. Children cannot agree in sex or sexual actions with adults in this country and I do not want to live in a country where pedophilia or sociopathic behaviour is accepted. If Steltner just forgot to say that these men where chiddren and in the same age of Lisa, then he definetely is in the wrong job, too, because he started a huge Media campaign with maybe no crime at all. But I deny that bruises allover the body had been part of the agreement even if this girl would have been let’s say 21 years old and really had wanted sex with a group of Migrants for 30 hours.

By the way it was of course not said by the police or the press that the men were Turkish. Muslims. There are now definetely two suspects accused of sexual abuse of children. One is a Turkish citizen and the other one is a Migrant with Turkish background but German passport.

When the german press started its disgusting media campaign against Lisa, her family talked with the Russian community in Berlin, their lawyer talked to Russian Media. So Russian Media had more accurate information and the Russian community had insider information. That was the point when demonstrations against inaccurate media reports started in Berlin which lead to even more strange reports from established German Media.

Yesterday the russian Minister of Foreign affairs intervened and said that the girl was never away for thirty hours on a free basis and that he hopes that problems with migrants are not covered up because of political correctness. Well, there we are.

Downplaying by the German police

You maybe have a hard time to believe that the German police does not correct its horrible press work after real ugly reports in the media started. Well, no. They did not see any necessity to give more information to clarify the whole situation. They said Lisa gave different versions of the story and she knew the men before and probably already had mutually agreed sex with them before she was gone. And that was it. So in the Media she is presented like a russian-lolita-whore. So that is how we treat children here?

In German law we have sexual assault and its severest form called rape (177 StGB) and we have sexual abuse of children (§ 176 StGB). Sexual abuse of children is much broader starting with kissing, touching and whatever a sick mind can think of without penetrating. The punishment is up to 10 years in prison. Punishment for rape is only a minimum of two years.

In legal terms the case with Lisa might go in the direction of sexual abuse of children, not rape. But is it ok for the police to say it was not rape but forgetting to say that it was maybe much worse than that? Pedophiles very often do not act with violance, but with giving presents.

A huge affront by the police was their statement that Lisa had no internal evidence of rape after examination in hospital and therefore “no rape” happened.  So we are know in Saudia Arabia? Her vagina is not destroyed? That was very clearly not a sex crime in the Park. What do we now what happened in the 30 hours and at the time she was together with the men before? Maybe she did say stupid things or did stupid things and the whole thing got out of control, maybe she was drugged, maybe she was unconscious, maybe the men used glide gel to avoid internal injuries, maybe there even was no sexual intercourse, maybe she just invented the whole story, stayed with a girl friend, fell down the stairs and the two turkish guys are the unlucky friends of her elder brother, does not matter. It is not a crime beeing a naive 13 year old girl with dreams in the head. A child is allowed to act like a child. The rest is not allowed to.



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